It is now the future, in the 23rd century. Our solar system (referred hereafter as "the Sol system") is colonized and humanity is swelling. Earth, Mars, Luna, the Belt and the Jovian Confederation, and the Saturn Protectorate are locked in a cold war. The recent discovery of jump drive has let humanity explore and begin to colonize local space. Colonies of Luna, Earth, Mars, the Belt, and the gas giant confederations are spread throughout the local systems. The powers struggle with each other over these colonies and their resources. Yet while Mars and Earth stare down over colonies, the spirit of sovereignty has awoken among these colonists under alien suns. The turbulent polities of the Sol system that were imposed across the stars are losing relevance, and the colonists of new systems prioritize Sol less and less.

A continuation of the polities described in Paul Elliott's Orbital 2100 (from Zozer games). Humans have reverse engineered and perfected a jump drive and begun colonizing Near Space. Finally we can go to the aliens if there are any left. The same old polities of Luna, Earth, Mars, and Cascadia (and the other small governments that could seed colonies) still exist but begin to crumble as they're applied across others star systems and havoc is wrought. Can the same polities that have held humanity together for roughly 150 years continue to exist or will the anthropophany among the stars spell its collapse. And if it collapses, what will replace it, if anything does?

This Wiki will be organized with description of the world/setting, a guide on character creation, and any additional rules and explanations related to the campaign. I tend to fiddle with the rules a bit and I've been a fan of the Cepheus Engine, so I may have a version of the rules for that right here.

The primary inspirations for this are, obviously, Paul Elliot's Orbital 2100, James S.A. Corey's The Expanse series, and Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars Trilogy.

As far as I know, I made the word up. "Anthrop-" obviously comes from Greek and means "human." "-Phany" means "appearance" and/or "manifestation." So I'm taking "anthropophany" to mean "the manifestation or actualization of humanity," considered primarily in the light of its expansion through and colonization of near stars.


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